Now, Be Still 2020 Matchbox  #1 

Mixed media

4cm x 3cm

There she goes 2020 Matchbox  #2

Mixed media

4cm x 3cm

Starting October 2020

What are they?

These are little worlds in Matchboxes. They are free pocket art to be shared. On the back of each box is a text like this:

“I am free art to be shared. If you have me, keep me for 7 days. During that time, please send the artist an email to her website stating who I am (#), where you are with me and the dates you have me (photos too). After 7 days please give me to another person.

私は自由な芸術です。私を7日間保管してください。その間、アーティストに私のタイトルき、あなたの住んでいる場所、私がいた期間(写真)をメールで送ってください。 7日後、他の人に私を渡してください。私は共有されるポケットアートです。


This project is based on the idea that art should not be owned, but shared. Like music is free to hear, it would be wonderful if all art were available to view for free. Unfortunately we live in a society where we need to pay for things like food and rent, and therefore we need to earn money. This art is based on donations.


If you have received a matchbox, then you know that it is not to be possessed for more than 7 days. During this time you are to register on this site where you are and if possible post a photo of you and the matchbox, or the matchbox in a place you like to be. With this information, I will create a map (see below). You will be able to follow your temporary art as it travels through space and time. I will update it weekly.


If you can donate to this project, or would like to send me something instead of money, let me know per email and we will work out the details. >contact/register matchbox here!<

Free art – Shared art

© 2020 by Maggie The Cat with