My Own Private Idaho 2019

Mixed Media

16cm D x 15cm 

The Route is the Way 2019

Mixed media

29cm x 21cm x 2cm

Ignorance / Matthew 27:24  2019

based on the statesment of Pontius Pilatus "I wash my hands of it."

Glycerine Soap, Nails, orange scent

2cm x 5cm x 8cm


The Big Sleep / USA  2018

Copper, Acrylic, Honey Bee

2cm x 1cm x 1cm


An affair never to forget  2018

Paper airplanes, Human Hair (of the artist)

30cm x 5mm x 5cm

Ophelia's Madness  2017

Silver, Human Hair

3mm  x 32cm 

Odd Man Out 2017

Aluminum, Glass, 14kt Gold leaf, Honey Bees, Acryl

3cm D x 2cm 

Every action has an equal & opposite reaction - Newton's 3rd Law  2016

Flies at both ends, Silver Chain 

(Length is the artists height) 166cm x 4mm 

In the collection of Wolfgan Hainke

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